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Skeptics in the Pub (SitP) is a monthly event where people can meet and discuss science, skepticism, rationalism and critical thinking. At each event a speaker is invited to present a topic of interest, which is followed by a discussion in a relaxed and friendly pub atmosphere. There are now about 50 towns and cities throughout the UK & Ireland hosting Skeptics in the Pub events.

For more information about the idea behind Skeptics in the Pub please look at this BBC Report and this Wikipedia entry.

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Entry to the talks will cost £3 payable on the door (if unsold seats available) or by advance ticket. Tickets for each event will become available soon after the preceding event and can be purchased from behind the bar at the Elephant & Castle, Lewes. Tickets can also be obtained online at http://lewesskeptics.eventbrite.com but with an additional admin fee of 73p per ticket. 

Please note: Events at the Elephant & Castle take place in an upstairs room and unfortunately there is no wheelchair access.

Will Moy

Wednesday, May 21 2014 at 8:00PM

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White Hill
East Sussex

Will Moy

What's the talk about?

In October 2011 The Sun reported that 40% of all knife crime is carried out by under-18s. The reporting of this figure led to questions in Parliament and a change in policy on the sentencing of juveniles. It was later revealed that the figure was not for all knife crime, or even a well-researched figure, but an estimate by a Police Borough Commander for a single London borough, with the true figure being closer to 19%. Nothing to be too surprised about perhaps. But could we find a way to ensure that those in power use accurate facts and figures when making decisions? Will Moy will speak about the impact of inaccuracy as seen by Full Fact and others, the challenges of halting misinformation in its tracks, and whether we're seeing a change in the way facts are used in public debate.

Will Moy runs Full Fact, the UK's only independent factchecking organisation. Since setting up in 2010, Full Fact has secured corrections from every major national newspaper — from The Sun to The Financial Times — as well as politicians from all parties. Last year Full Fact received an award for transparency from the Political Studies Association, pioneered live-factchecking on BBC Question Time and LBC radio, and successfully campaigned for the political establishment to recognise the importance of communication in official statistics.

Before Full Fact, Will worked for the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety and then as a researcher in the UK House of Lords for the non-party affiliated peer Lord Low of Dalston. Part of the impetus for Full Fact came from his experience there of how laws can be shaped by unsubstantiated claims.

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