Ed Atkinson and Guy Tanner

Wednesday, March 22 2017 at 8:00PM

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White Hill
East Sussex

Ed Atkinson and Guy Tanner

What's the talk about?

Burning carbon must be driven from our cheap-energy economy on a global scale - and soon - to stop a looming disaster. But is there a workable way to drive out Carbon? If nations, corporations or individuals ‘do the right thing’ and burn less carbon won’t that just make coal, oil and gas cheaper for everyone else? Just how cheap does installing new solar need to be to make it cheaper than turning on the valves in the Saudi oil fields?  

It is easy to lose hope that change is possible, especially in Trump-World. The USA is the key to change and a group originating in the US 'Citizens Climate Lobby’ (CCL) is doing well there (even with some Republicans). They advocate a policy of a Carbon Fee which is all used to make a Dividend to the populace, thus making for a policy that is effective and politically attractive (most people are made better off). There really is hope.  

In this talk representatives from CCL, Guy Tanner and Ed Atkinson, will outline the policy options and their merits. They’ll include Cap & Trade, subsidising renewables and efficiency measures, divestment, Carbon Taxes and its variant the CCL policy of Carbon Fee and Dividend.  Guy and Ed will be delighted to get awkward questions on these policy issues leading to discussion in the SitP group. The science of climate change will not be covered.

 Tickets are now available behind the bar at the Elly shortly and online here.