The line between genuine complementary and quack treatments

Kat Arney

Wednesday, January 18 2012 at 8:00PM

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White Hill
East Sussex

Kat Arney

What's the talk about?

Kat Arney works as a science communicator for the charity Cancer Research UK, after spending six years as a laboratory researcher. Kat loves talking and writing about science, and regularly comments in the media on the latest discoveries. She produces the Cancer Research UK podcast, and is also a freelance science writer and helps to present the highly successful Naked Scientists BBC Radio show in her spare time. In the rest of her spare time Kat plays in two bands, Sunday Driver and the Shadow Orchestra, and rarely sleeps. Unsurprisingly, her blog is entitled You Do Too Much:

One hundred years ago, there were very few effective treatments for cancer, save for the surgeon’s scalpel. As a result, homespun cancer cures thrived, with all manner of pills and potions being peddled in newspapers and magazines. The 1939 Cancer Act was brought in to try to stop the advertisement of fraudulent cancer cures to the general public in the UK but it has little jurisdiction in today’s international online world, where thousands of websites offering treatments and cures are available at the click of a button. Kat Arney will talk about why we need to take an evidence-based approach to medicine in general and the treatment of cancer in particular.