Professor John Mew

Wednesday, September 21 2016 at 8:00PM

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White Hill
East Sussex

Professor John Mew

What's the talk about?

What is Orthotropics

Orthotropics  is based around the theory that different forms of removable appliances, along with relevant muscle training, can correct the anatomy of the oral cavity as it grows in a child. This then affects the development of the skeleton and changes the position of the teeth.  Those who offer orthotropic treatment point to non-surgical success without compromising the integrity of the jaw or teeth.  

It's controversial but gaining ground, and is the brainchild of Professor John Mew.  In this talk he'll describe how his treatment has transformed the faces - and the futures - of his patients, and why he believes that the orthodontic orthodoxy needs to change.  

About John Mew

After qualifying in 1953, John Mew studied maxilo-facial surgery, before moving to orthodontics in 1965. For many years he remained very much within the establishment becoming president of the Southern Counties Branch of the British Dental Association in 1971. He was honoured with life membership of the British Dental Association in 1999.

His surgical training at East Grinstead gave him the opportunity to study occlusal and TMD problems. He also observed the facial changes that followed the repositioning of its skeletal components; especially the Maxilla. Noticing that many facial problems appeared to have environmental origins he became interested in early facial growth and the factors which might influence it.

In 1958 he put forward the ‘Tropic Premise’ which suggested that malocclusion was a ‘Postural Deformity’ and that irregular teeth were not necessarily inherited. He became concerned that the mechanics of orthodontic treatment could be harmful to facial growth, and over the subsequent 20 years developed the concept of facial ‘Growth Guidance’ [Orthotropics®] and the ‘Biobloc’ system of treatment. At the time the establishment labelled him a maverick and applied enormous political, legal and financial pressure to prevent him from using many procedures that are now commonplace.