Beth Miller

Wednesday, October 26 2016 at 8:00PM

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White Hill
East Sussex

Beth Miller

What's the talk about?

Four hundred years since he died, Shakespeare’s popularity is greater than ever. But whenever Beth Miller told people she was writing a book about him, she was amazed by the number who asked, ‘Who do you think really wrote the plays? ’ Scepticism about Shakespeare’s authorship, though a fringe belief, has a grip on the public imagination.

In this talk, Beth will consider some of the rival claimants (there are many), and explore the reasons why people think one of these, rather than Shakespeare, was the author of the plays. She will also discuss the undervalued skill of ‘making stuff up, ’ and how we are prone to forget its power once we leave childhood behind.

Beth’s new book, For the Love of Shakespeare, will be published by Summersdale on 13th October. Her previous non-fiction book is For the Love of the Archers (Summersdale, 2015) ; and she is also the author of two novels, When We Were Sisters and The Good Neighbour, both published by Ebury (Random House). She has a PhD in Psychology.


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